Cleaning Your Scrunchy-Faced French Bulldog

French bulldogs are a wonderful breed and cherished companion for many people. Of course, like every dog – and people, too – it’s important to give them a bath every once in a while. However, there are some special things to keep in mind about washing your Frenchie.

French BulldogBefore we dive in on how to properly bathe your French bulldog, it’s important to first note that you should not bathe your dog too often. If you do, you could run the risk of your dog developing dry skin. Just as with people, bathing too frequently can dry out the skin, leading to itchiness and irritation. French bulldog’s coats are thinner and wirier than some other breeds, which means they don’t retain oils as well as longer coated dogs. With that in mind, instead of a full bath, you may just want to clean your Frenchie’s face folds to keep them clean.

A French bulldog’s distinctive facial folds are a part of their unique look, but they can also gather dirt, grime and oils that can be bad for the skin. We recommend cleaning your dog’s face folds at least once a week. This will prevent a bacteria buildup and help prevent future skin problems or infections. Using specialty wipes to clean out your Frenchie’s folds will help reduce irritation. The human variety will work just fine, but make sure to purchase gentle wipes and to check the ingredients for anything that could be an irritant. You also want to keep wipes away from your Frenchie’s eyes so that you don’t accidentally move any dirt into the eyes that could lead to future eye problems.

We also recommend getting a tear stain remover, available at almost any pet store. The remove will help wipe away tear marks your Frenchie may accumulate. Some people prefer to place a small amount of baby powder in their French bulldog’s face folds. This is a personal preference, but if you choose to use a bit of powder, use only the minimum needed to keep moisture and oils from accumulating.

French bulldogs also have a tendency to get built up ear wax and dirt. As part of your cleaning regimen, we recommend checking their ears once a week to prevent infection. All you will need for this is a flashlight, some cotton balls and a canine-specific ear rinse. If your Frenchie does have a buildup, all you will need to do is squirt some solution onto a cotton ball and swap the outer part of the ear. If the debris goes too deep into the canal, go see a veterinarian. If you attempt to go too deep into the ear canal to clean it, you could cause the infection to get worse or accidentally cause damage to the delicate hearing organs.

Frenchies are wonderful and distinctive animals and a loving addition to any family. If you’re looking to add a scrunchy-faced new pup to your family, Ron’s Puppies has French bulldog puppies available. Learn more about Frenchie care online now or learn more about our available pups by calling us today at 347-522-8681.

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