How To Care For English Bulldogs

It is important to remember that from day one of owning your English Bulldog, especially when it is a puppy, to care for it like you would a baby. They are cute, affectionate and love the cuddles, so start them off early in that caring direction.


English Bulldogs appreciate the indoor life and being around their loving family. The bedding doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, find something that is durable and your puppy will like, can be washed and dried, and fit easily into a crate.

Feeding Your Puppy

Always provide fresh and clean water no matter what the weather is like outside. Avoid feeding your English Bulldog any human food, and if you do to certain table scraps – because there are food that you might not realize are dangerous to its health.

Keep them fed on a tight schedule. Start with puppy chow and feed them a minimum of three times a day can be important. As the Bulldog gets older, introduce new brands or adult food into their diets gradually. With a high-quality and well-balanced diet, their bodies can become more accustomed to the newer foods without upsetting their systems.

Health and Grooming

  • Ron’s Puppies have complete veterinary checks and health guarantees but don’t just leave it at that. Get regular vet checkups and provide your puppy with any preventive treatment necessary – heartworms, flea and tick treatments, and Lyme’s Disease.
  • Be sure you to give your puppy exercise every day.
  • Brushing your English Bulldog at least 3 times a week will help to keep it healthy and coat shiny.
  • Be sure to clean the ears and wrinkles of your Bulldog as they can become dirty and with moisture can lead to an infection if not maintained.
  • English Bulldogs’ nails should be trimmed once a week as a young pup. If they get too long when they are young they can cause unnatural issues.

Potty Training

It’s important to be on top of your English Bulldog puppy when it comes to potty training. Crate training is the most effective, as they won’t want to soil the place where they sleep.
Give your pup 10 to 15 minutes after feeding and then let them outside to potty. And also let them out anytime they feel the urge to go. Lead them to the designated spot outside where you would like them to urinate or excrement and reward them for every successful attempt.

Socialize Your Puppy Early On

If your puppy is introduced to other dogs and humans, big or small, as early as possible, then this can help with the various situations that might arise as it gets older.


Almost any toy will do, but be aware that any small button or eyeballs can become ingested and could cause them to choke. To avoid this, try to keep the toys to bigger sized and simple; like chasing a ball or tug of war with an old sock. No rawhides either, this can cause them to choke to death.
If you’d like more tips on caring for your English Bulldog or if you’re interested in adopting a puppy, contact us at 347-522-8681 today!