French and English Bulldogs: What Are the Differences?

French and English BulldogsEveryone loves an adorable French bulldog or English bulldog – but don’t let their names fool you. French and English bulldogs are different in many ways, beginning with their countries of origin. French bulldogs obviously originated in France, and English in England, but in what other ways do the two breeds differ?

French bulldogs, or Frenchies, are known for being playful, intelligent, affectionate and loyal, and are great dogs for single pet-owners or families with young children. They don’t need a lot of exercise, but do tend to be very active. They’re known to be a bit stubborn when in training, but are very eager to please!

English bulldogs are known for their goofy, loose walk, cute wrinkles and dignified nature. They are loveable and gentle, and are one of the most popular breeds of dogs for all types of pet owners. English bulldogs are cuddly and friendly and love to sit on your lap.

English bulldogs are thought to be an ancestor of the French bulldogs, although it was likely a toy variety bulldog that was involved in the creation of the new French bulldog. So, English bulldogs are considered the “classic bulldog,” while French bulldogs are considered a branch of the genetic tree.

Obviously, the main difference between the two types of bulldogs is their slightly varied looks, but Pet Breeds provides a bit more of a side-by-side comparison. Frenchies tend to be a bit smaller and lighter – typically weighing 18 to 25 pounds – and feature perkier, upright ears. English bulldogs are larger – weighing 40 to 55 pounds – and a bit more wrinkly. They tend to be stockier and more muscular, as well. Even with all of those differences, though, both breeds are friendly, protective of their owners, highly sociable and have similar life expectancies. Both Frenchies and English bulldogs have good temperaments and few health problems.

Whether you prefer the look of the Frenchies or English bulldogs, either of these breeds are sure to make great companions and additions to your family. Give us a call today at 347-522-8681 to find out more about our available puppies.


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