How To Care For French Bulldogs

Help Them Get Accustomed Them To Their New Home

Giving your love and affection is what will matter most. Show them the boundaries of the home, where they can go and where they can’t. French Bulldogs are very sweet natured and personable, so it helps to be the same way towards them by being a cuddle pal on the couch or chair.
Show your puppy where their bed will be and if it’s a crate, try to make sure it stays clean for their extended periods of time inside.

Feeding Your French Bulldog Puppy

As this is the smallest breed of the Bulldog tree, in the early stages of growth the recommended daily amount of high-quality puppy chow split into two meals. As the Frenchie grows, the daily amount could vary due to size, build, weight, and metabolism. If your dog is more active, it will need more food and vice versa.

With your Frenchie keep to a proper schedule of meals as a puppy and this can lead to helping with potty training, which we will discuss more below.

Potty Training

Best practice is to show your puppy the designated spot in your yard where you want them to do their business. Try to be repetitive in the exact area you choose and be rewarding when they take steps to do it themselves.

Wait 10-15 minutes after every feeding to let them out as well, as that’s a usual time for excrement.

Exercise And Good Health

French Bulldogs do not need a ton of exercise as they can overheat easily, so make sure you don’t leave them out in the sun for extended periods of time without proper hydration.

It’s still important for them to get some good running and playing done as with any dog, and since they are such good natured dogs, French Bulldogs will enjoy the activity.

With good training can come with good health. Have your vet check their weight and make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrition. Also, ensure they are getting the right flea and tick prevention if you do take them outside on a regular basis.


Frenchie’s are rather easy to groom and need only the occasional brushing to keep a healthy coat. If you being at an early stage, this process of grooming will become easier for them to tolerate as they get older.
Clean their ears and wrinkles regularly with a damp, warm cloth and run a cotton swab around the edges of the canal to prevent infections.

Trim their nails regularly as well as French Bulldogs do not naturally wear them down.

Socialize Your Puppy Early On

It is important that you socially interact with your puppy and also with others. Take them on trips to the park to interact with other dogs and children. Make sure they all play nice, and the experience will be rewarding for all.

With these great caring tips, your French Bulldog puppy can be an amazing, loving lifelong companion.

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