French Bulldog Tips

French bulldogs are known for being intelligent, playful and adaptable. They make great pets for individuals and families of all sizes. Ron’s Puppies has more than three decades of experience breeding sweet, beautiful and affectionate French bulldog puppies for New York families. French bulldogs at Ron’s Puppies grow up interacting with other animals and people, so your new French bulldog puppy is sure to adjust easily to your household, even if you have kids or other pets.

If you’re thinking of taking a French bulldog puppy home, Ron’s Puppies has a few tips for caring for your new pet:

  • French bulldogs have medium energy levels but are not known for being especially athletic. Make sure your Frenchie gets light to moderate exercise at least once a day, like a brisk walk.
  • Make sure to keep your French bulldog cool on hot days. Because they have short faces, French bulldogs have a relatively low tolerance for heat, strenuous exercise and stress – all of which can make it harder for them to breathe.
  • Feed your French bulldog a nutritious diet and make sure to have clean, fresh water available at all times.
  • To make sure your French bulldog is as healthy as possible, get a five-year vet plan from Ron’s Puppies when you’re ready to adopt a French bulldog puppy.

Now that you’re familiar with some tips for caring for your new French bulldog puppy, call Ron’s Puppies at 347-522-8681 or fill out the easy form online to get started on finding the perfect pup for you. With affordable prices, caring customer service and an adorable selection of dogs, you’re sure to find the right puppy at Ron’s Puppies. Learn more today!