French Bulldogs: A Great Family-Friendly Pet

Is there anything cuter than a French bulldog? At Ron’s Puppies, we think French bulldogs are the best – but don’t simply take our word for it. After all, if you were going to buy a new car, you wouldn’t just pick one out that’s “cute” right? You need to do a little research first! We’ve done the research for you, so check out a few of the reasons why we love French bulldogs and why you and your family.

French BulldogTemperament calls the French bulldog “comical, entertaining and dependably amiable.” There you have it! French bulldogs are well known for having a great temperament and are almost always found in a good mood. This makes them a great choice for individuals and families for many reasons.

Good for Families

Families with young kids or first-time doggie parents will get along great with a French bulldog and their French bulldog will get along great with them! Frenchies are known for being a good pet for families with young kids or even other pets. They are highly adaptable and affectionate, says DogTime, which why they are such an excellent choice for families. They can adjust to living as an individual pet or learn to get along with other dogs, cats or kids with ease.

Apartment Approved

The French bulldog’s temperament also makes it a great pet for smaller homes, too. If you live in an apartment, you’ve got nothing to worry about – your French bulldog will feel right at home! PetWave says that as long as they get a few 15-minute walks per day and can chase a ball around for a while, they’ll get their fill of exercise and stay healthy and happy.

Easy to Train

When it comes to training, French bulldogs can be a tad stubborn from time to time – just like any pup that is learning new behaviors – but DogTime says they are still considered easier to train than many other breeds. As long as you are consistent with your approach and use positive reinforcement in your training, your Frenchie will be happy to work with you and excited to learn some new tricks.

If you’re ready to add a French bulldog to the family, check out our currently available French bulldog pups. Get even more Frenchie care tips online, or call us today at 347-522-8681 to learn more.

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