English and French Bulldog FAQs

History Of The English & French Bulldog Breeds

The English Bulldog is thought to be an ancestor of the French Bulldog. Yet, it was likely a toy variety bulldog that was involved in the creation of the new French Bulldog. However, the English Bulldog is considered the “Classic Bulldog”, and the French Bulldog is considered a branch of the genetic tree.

  • Is A French Bulldog For Me?

    French Bulldogs, or Frenchies, are affectionate, intelligent, loyal and playful. The French Bulldog is very active and is perfect for single pet owners or families with young children.

  • What About The English Bulldog?

    English Bulldogs are known for their goofy, loose walk, wrinkles and dignified nature. They are one of the most popular breeds of dogs as they are cuddly, friendly and love to sit on your lap.

  • Are The Friendly And What Are Their Temperaments?

    Both French and English bulldog puppies have good natured temperaments, friendly, and highly sociable.

  • How Big Do The Puppies Grow?

    The French bulldog tends to be smaller and lighter (typically 18 to 25 pounds) and feature perkier, large upright ears.

    English bulldogs are larger (40 to 55 pounds) and tend to be stockier and more muscular.

  • Do Either Breeds Snore Or Drool Constantly?

    French and English Bulldogs can snore but are not likely to drool unless they are drinking water, which is common.

  • Are They Going To Shed A Lot?

    Most dogs shed (certain breeds don’t shed at all) but both of our breeds are short-haired, so they don’t shed in excess if they are groomed properly.

  • Are These Dogs Easy to Train?

    These breeds are both people pleasers and love to be the center of attention. Use that knowledge to make training a game, and they will be willing to learn.

At Ron’s Puppies, we are here to answer any further questions you might have about our Bulldogs. Whether you prefer the look of the French or English Bulldog, these great breeds are sure to make great additions to your family.

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