NYC Cracks the Top 10 Friendliest Dog Cities

With how busy and crowded it can be, New York City doesn’t always seem like it’s an ideal location for a dog. Well, according to a recent story from The Huffington Post, the Big Apple is actually one of the Top 10 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in America.

Bulldog in the CityTo find which cities were best for our four-legged friends, SmartAsset, a financial consulting company, conducted a study of the top 100 cities in the country and determined how accessible each one was to dogs. This meant finding the number of dog parks in each city, the amount of dog-friendly shopping areas and dog-friendly restaurants.

From there they then looked at each of the 100 cities’ quality of life. To do this they took into account walkability, the yearly weather and housing costs. From there, they then combined the overall metrics to compile their list.

San Francisco took top honors, and is noted for its numerous dog parks and dog-friendly establishments as well as great weather. New York City came in at No. 10, just behind Tucson, Arizona and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although it’s not No. 1, being a part of the top 10 is a great honor and great news for anyone who already owns a dog in the city.

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