Testimonials from Happy Owners!

“I had to be really selective with the photos! I don’t know if you remember which puppy he was. We bought him from you early Feb. He is doing really great. We worked really hard with the crate thing, but he eventually persuaded us to leave him out after many many escapes! He still sleeps in it though with the door open. He is about 90% with the house breaking. He uses a pad occasionally when he can’t hold while we’re at work. Things are great now and he is having a blast with the neighborhood dogs. We might contact you in the future for a little brother or sister:)”      -Ashey and Brent Kelly

French Bulldog Breeder

French Bulldog breeder in NY

“Update on Toro, from Ryan & Tara… He’s been great and loves his new home and going to work with me. I help manage a family bluestone business outside Oneonta, NY, it’s a saw shop on about 160 acres w/ a bluestone quarry. Tara is busy with nursing school and I don’t want to leave him any longer than 2-3 hours, so unless Tara has off, Toro rides to work with me. As you can see he’s ventured outside the office, but is cautious of the rest of the property, as he should be. He definitely likes to get up on a pallet of bluestone if he can. One pic is in front of his ride, where he’s eager to sit shotgun. He learned to go potty outside the office quick and at home he’s learning to go outside, but is more distracted at home playing in different rooms. Sometimes he sleeps in his black cage next to our bed, but prefers sleeping in bed next to our heads. I will send some pics of the house/pond if your interested, so far he’s walked to the pond twice with us and again is very cautious. He’s been to the vet once and checked out good. We have started the tic/flea oil that goes in his skin. He’s had 2 baths so far and seems to enjoy the blow dryer. Tara being a RN nurse graduate this June is all over his health.” -Thanks, Ryan McDuffey

“My husband and I purchased a fawn French bulldog from you in February 2008 and I just thought I would send you a picture of her. She is a very active dog…very funny and mischievous! We have 5 other dogs (3 min pins and 2 italian greyhounds) which she completely loves…and loves to taunt.

I just wanted to check in and say thank you for a wonderful dog. It is our first time owning a frenchie and we love the breed. We had heard that they could have one or two types of personalities – either a couch potato or a very active devil. Well, we got the second type and we couldn’t be happier. She makes us laugh every day.” -Lynn Tempesta

“This is Kayla we bought our puppy “Auggie Henry Symer” from you guyz a few months ago, we came all the way from Nantucket Ma. I just wanted to send a few udated pictures and to let you know that Auggie is a very well taken care of and very well behaved puppy. We just love him so much and are all up to date with his shots and visits to the vet. 3 of the pictures I took today and 1 i took a month and a week ago hes growing up fast and is really the sweetest most layed back dog. Thank you so much.” -Kayla Hilts


“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we are SO in love with our new puppy. We have named her Roxy. She was well worth the drive from Washington, DC.

She has been to the vet a few times now and her doctor is still in awe over how perfect she is. They told me that I chose an excellent breeder because he couldn’t find anything wrong with her if he tried.

Just know that she is in a loving home and is being well cared for. I have attached a current picture of her. The picture may try and come through the body of the e-mail but just click on the attachment.

Thank you again…Oh…when will you be expecting another litter of frenchies? I have a friend who has fallen in love with our Roxy. He would like to get one for his family.” -Nicole Jensen



“I am not sure if you remember me but my wife and I purchased a puppy from you on 04/01/09. He was the little guy of the litter, fawn with a black mask. We decided to name him Vito Del Ponte. From the moment we brought him home he has done nothing but bring joy and happiness into our lives. From learning how to sit the second day he was here to being house broken in a month to learning how to give High-fives he is truly an amazing puppy.

He is now a little over 5 months old and he has grown leaps and bounds. From 2 pounds when we first got him to a solid 17 pounds now. He has an amazing personality and goes against everything you hear about frenchies. He loves to run and play, he fetches and he is a ball of energy. This is my first puppy and now I can see why people have dogs, they really are great animals. Vito has made our house a home and we are truly grateful and ecstatic to have him. Attached are some pictures of Vito. I will not hesitate to give your name and number if I ever know of anyone looking for a bulldog. He has
turned out to be a beautiful pup. He actually stops traffic and every time we walk him it never fails that someone stops us because they cant get over how beautiful he is. Thanks again,” -Nick and Corine Del Ponte


“We just wanted to stop in and say thank you soooooo much for Telly! He’s a famous character in our neighborhood. We can’t walk down the street without someone stopping us for a picture. Not only is he
smart, but he’s courageous, a mush, and a whole lot more physically fit than most bulldogs. My husband didn’t even want a dog and yet I find them secretly sharing peanut butter and banana sandwiches
(bananas are his favorite). Telly has really changed our lives and we can’t even go on vacation without him. He’s the first one in the car and he always sits up front with his parents. He’s a total family guy. In fact he makes our family whole. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful, healthy, gentle souls. Regards,” -Raquel, Steve and Telly


“In the spring of 2008, we purchased an English Bulldog from you. His name is Jelly and we are pleased to say that he is an amazing addition to our family. He potty trained in 2 weeks, and fit right in here. He is quite the character. He is so funny. Here are just a couple of pictures of him. Thank you so much for our little boy, it really was a pleasure dealing with you.” – Jennifer