Three Things to Consider Before Getting a Bulldog

We all know that a dog can be a great addition to your life. A dog isn’t just a pet; a dog can grow into your companion, your best friend and a member of your family. Your dog becomes a very large part of your life, but before adding a dog as a permanent member of your family, there are some things you should consider.

Do You Have Room?

You should first consider your home and decide if you have the proper amount of room for the dog that you are considering. Larger dogs will need room to run and play, while smaller dogs, such as English bulldogs and French bulldogs, can adapt better to an apartment life. Will you need an area for a crate? If you adopt a puppy, you may want a designated space for your new companion to stay when you’re away from home or to help while working on potty training.

French Bulldog AdoptionDo You Have Time?

A dog is a large time commitment. You will need to create time in your schedule to spend time with your new companion. You will need to get up earlier than usual to feed your dog, walk him or her and let them out for a bathroom break before you go to work. You will also need to go home after work to feed your dog instead out going out right after. You wouldn’t want to wait more than 12 hours to eat, so your dog shouldn’t either. Your dog will need to exercise, too. This means making the time to go on walks after work and maybe going to the dog park on the weekends. Yes, work is stressful, but your dog has been cooped up alone all day. They would want to get a change of scenery and exercise. While English and French bulldogs are not active breeds, they will still need to get some exercise and fresh air just like people.

Do You Have the Money?

A dog can be a large financial commitment, as well. There is more involved than just buying pet food and toys. A dog also involves vet bills, vaccinations and equipment, such as leashes and collars. However, if you do not have a fenced-in yard, you may choose to get a fence. That is a large cost. You may choose to take your dog to a training class. Those can be expensive. What if you go on vacation and need to board your dog? A kennel can be pricy if you don’t have a friend to dog sit for you. Medical emergencies are another possibility. Things happen – your dog could swallow something they shouldn’t and you might have to take them to an animal hospital, and just like people hospitals, that can sometimes mean a steep bill for medical care. It is unfortunate, but it is something that you should be prepared for. If you live paycheck to paycheck right now, getting a dog may not be the best option for you or a prospective pup right now.

Our primary goal at Ron’s Puppies is making sure that our puppies find their forever home. Our cuddly English bulldogs and spunky French bulldogs are friendly, healthy and ready to become loved and cherished members of any family. At Ron’s Puppies, we want to make sure that our prospective owners are fully prepared and ready to adopt one of our adorable bulldogs. To learn more about our pups or bulldog ownership, give us a call today at 347-522-8681!

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